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the computer equivalent of the roladex. it tracked 500 al-qaeda suicide bombers or terrorists who had filtered into iraq through syria, and the possession of this data base of 5 # 00 individuals who were recruitedded to blow themselves up or arrange for terrorist attacks was critical in the effort to take al-qaeda apart inside of iraq, and i'll read you what i wrote here in the prologue. the motherload of documents seized in what has become known as the sinjar raid illustrated the point nicely. the point made by lieutenant general flynn. in the six years after the 9/11 attacks, the u.s. military and intelligence communities representing a wide variety of agencies, large and small, those notorious and those secret, had been collaborating on an unprecedented capability for crushing terrorist networks. in addition to the skills of the talented special operators, the effort used super computers and custom software, forward deployment of skilled analysts, the ability to turn just about every kind of intel into searchable data whether tips or documents from old-fashioned human spy networks, transcri
. and in march of 2007, i was serving as the commander of an al-qaeda targeting cell in iraq. my unit's mission was to capture mid to senior-level al-qaeda leaders in and around the city of fallujah, iraq, and in march of 2007 my team came under attack with a mortar attack in the morning. and after several mortar rounds went off, what happened was that there was of a suicide truck bomb that went off. and when the suicide truck bomb went off, it ended up taking out the entire western wall of our barracks. and that day, later that day, i was taken to the fallujah surgical hospital. i had minor injuries. 72 hours later, i was able to return to full duty. but what also happened was there were some of my friends who were hurt a lot worse than i was. and one of the things that i say to young people is for a lot of the people who i went to visit when they came home, i saw that they were on this new front line. these were veterans, strong, proud people who had served in places like iraq and afghanistan, and they came back and especially after they'd been injured, they had to make a decision about the d
and members of al qaeda. his withdrawal of troops from iraq and plans for their removal from afghanistan is grmeetited h approval by the majority of americans. at the moment obama appears to be fulfilling the task of security for the nation. although the rise of anti-american uprisings, killing of our ambassador in libya and success of the taliban afghanistan has minimally raised the issue of the defense of the nation as an ingredient in the coming election. is obama providing economic opportunity? he inherited the worst economic crisis since the great depression but the president is now held responsible for a continuation of high unemployment and minimal hope for its improvement and also for increases in the debt and deficit. his job lts wislation proposals are not being well-received by republicans. the administration has not propose any innovative resolutions for the severe downturn in housing. some believe he should have supported and promoted simpson-bowles deficit reduction proposal. he has not bmeetin rtele to significantly expand economic opportunity. how has obamaarased the tobs
some association with al qaeda, some sort of truce at the television. these guys are nasty characters. their foreign fighters, chechnya guys that are really there to fight for afghanistan or their version of afghanistan. these guys are mercenaries. i'm what they were doing in the area was recruiting while oppressing people to fight and he was rumored to have air missiles and was stuck selling guns and was also credited with a series of ambushes in the koran bow valley. so they decided they had to go up to the waukesha valley to take care of this network because he was able to export a love from his safe haven. but what they ran into was not only are they fighting the geography because it is such a hard race to get to come and they also some restrictions in afghanistan. i'm sure you've all seen the news, right click the night raids are highly regulated. who controlled the battle phase is highly regulated and takes a long time to get a mission plan. one thing i ran to us how to get there, what helicopters could do and what, when and where they would be allowed to go. essentially what th
was a terrorist commander that had some association with al-qaeda, had some sort of truce with the taliban, but these guys are nasty characters. a lot of foreign fighters, guys that aren't really there to fight for afghanistan or fight for their version of afghanistan, these guys are mercenaries. and what he was doing in the area was recruiting, well, pressing people into fighting for the hague, and he was rumored to have surface-to-air missiles and was stockpiling guns. and he was also credited with a series of ambushes in the corn gal valley that had caught the attention of some of the commanders. he was able to export a lot of the violence from this safe haven, so the idea was to go get him and take careful of this safe haven. but what they ran into was not only were they fighting the geography because it was such a hard place to get to, they were also fighting some of the restrictions that are placed on units now in afghanistan. i'm sure we've all seen the news, right? these night raids are highly regulated, who controls the battle space is highly regulated, and it takes a long time to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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